A Retrofit Revolution

Sandel Avilon brings Next Gen features, safety and design all together for a price that makes upgrading your cockpit a reality. The Avilon integrated glass cockpit includes four large LCD flight displays, two smaller displays for LNAV/VNAV and reversionary standby functions, 20 watt radios, flight management computers, dual AHRS, audio panel, ADS-B-compliant Mode S transponder, and flight director/autopilot (minus the autopilot servos, which are retained).

Safety First

Avilon was built with safety in mind. It features a highly redundant distribution of processing capability. For example, the Path Guidance Panel (PGP) is fully capable of supplying the processing for the flight guidance and flight management functions at the same time. Avilon’s robust design will ensure the highest level of dispatch reliability and in-flight continuity of function available currently today.

Nextgen Capable

Avilon has been designed to provide operators the capability to realize the full benefit of new airspace operations. The Sandel team are leaders in Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and have built a system that can accommodate the full set of PBN Procedures including: RNAV SIDs and STARs, LPV (WAAS) Approaches, RNAV (GPS) LNAV/VNAV approaches, RNP AR approaches, Advanced RNP enroute, terminal, and approach.

Installation Time

Avilon’s compact design and fully assembled panel with ready to connect harnesses will greatly improve installation time. This kind of time savings means less costly downtime for your aircraft.

Cost Effective

Starting with the end in mind, the Sandel team is using the latest in technology to build an integrated glass cockpit that is lighter, safer, and smarter than anything on the market today. From the engineering to the installation, Avilon will save you time and money.
Changing the paradigm is not easy, let alone trying to change it with certified avionics…

…great things come to those that wait.