Flight Deck Specs

12.1″ Touch-Enabled Pilot & Co-Pilot Primary Displays (qty. 2)

  • Extensive and intelligent use of touch control
  • PFD: airspeed scale, path deviations, flight path vector,
    and synthetic vision
  • HSD: with map, synthetic vision, TAWS, straight and
    curved paths, radar and traffic
  • VFD™ (Vertical Flight Display): altimeter, flight path angle,
    energy ball™, vertical flight plan path, terrain profile view
  • VSD (Vertical Situation Display): with vertical profile,
    terrain profile view, altitude constraints, altitude limit,
    climb capability display
  • ComStrip™: continuously shows active transceiver
  • MFD (Multi-Function Display): with multiple screens
    for flight plan editing, communications, alerting details,
    system management
  • DCP (Display Control Panel): hard controls provide instant
    access to most-needed functions

8.4″ Touch-Enabled Pilot and Co-Pilot Secondary Displays (qty. 2)

  • Extensive and intelligent use of touch control
  • Graphical flight planning
  • Engine instrumentation
  • Measured fuel quantities
  • Calculated fuel quantities
  • Flap position
  • Fuel range
  • DCP (Display Control Panel): hard controls provide
    instant access to most-needed functions during flight
    planning operations

AHRS – (qty. 3 including 1 standby)

ADC (Air Data Computers) (qty. 3 including 1 standby)

WAAS GPS (qty. 2)

FMS (Flight Management System) (qty. 2) 

  • Supports single pilot or two pilot operations
  • Fully compliant NextGen path capability
  • RNAV/RNP including RF legs
  • LPV approaches
  • RNAV/RNP to ILS final approach

VOR/ILS Receiver (qty. 2)

PGP™ (Path Guidance Panel)

  • Single point tactical control
  • Tactical operations integrated with flight plan
  • Direction control – track or heading
  • Supports Flight path angle, Speed-based climb or descent
  • Altitude Limit and Altitude Hold
  • LNAV and VNAV including coupled approach
  • Autopilot /Flight Director Engage/Disengage
  • See What’s Next™ Lateral and Vertical Preview displays
  • Emergency mode providing standby flight instruments

Auto Pilot / Flight Director Computer (qty. 2)

  • High Performance 3D Path following
  • Stall and over-speed protection
  • Servo amplifier driving the existing auto pilot servos (qty. 1)

VHF Com Radios – 20 watt (qty. 2), 8.33Khz capable

Audio Systems (qty.2)

  • Fully digital, controlled from the primary displays
  • Separate pilot and co-pilot mixers and amplifiers
  • Supports passenger cabin speaker operations
  • Fully redundant, including emergency audio modes

TAWS Class A

Mode S Transponder (qty. 2)

  • 250 watt, 1030/1090ES (ADS-B In/Out)
  • Supports diversity antennas
  • TCAS compatible

ADS-B Receiver (978)

  • Provides supplemental TIS and weather data

Radar altitude

  • Interfaces with existing radar altimeter


  • Interfaces with existing radar

Standby power supply

  • Provides 45 minutes of Avilon standby power in the event of complete electrical system failure.

External Radios

  • Supports audio for external com radios (up to 4)
  • Control interface for parallel tuned radio (optional, qty. 1)
  • Arinc 429 external radio tuning (up to 3)

Data recording

  • 100+ hours
  • Wireless maintenance downloads

Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Secure Internet connection available on ground
    • Program uploads
    • Database uploads
    • Flight plan uploads
    • Maintenance data download
  • Secure iPad wireless interface

Approach Mode Features

Enroute Mode Features

TSO's and Environmental


  • ADS-B In/Out
  • Air Data Computer
  • AHRS
  • Autopilot
  • Cockpit and Passenger
  • Audio
  • Directional Gyro
  • Displays
  • Engine Instruments

Applicable TSO’s

  • C154c,C157a,C166b,C195a
  • C2d,C3e,C8e,C10b,C43cC46a,C88b, C95a,C106,C147AHRS
  • C3e,C4c, C6e, C201
  • C198
  • C139
  • C5f
  • C63d, C87a, C105, C113a, C118, C165
  • C43c, C44c, C45b,C47a, C49b, C55a


  • Flight Director
  • FMS
  • GPS
  • Mode S Transponder
  • Standby Power
  • VHF Nav
  • VHF Com
  • Taws
  • DO160 Environmental
  • Category

Applicable TSO’s

  • C198
  • C115c
  • C145d, C146d
  • C74d, C112d
  • C174
  • C34e, C36e, C40c
  • C169a
  • C92c, C151c